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Businesses that advertise in the Impact Directories report the quality of their printed ads to be outstanding, and they find the price to be substantially lower than the cost of publishing advertising in the utility books. Usage studies demonstrate that Impact Directories has high levels of user preference. More than 20,000 businesses are now valued advertising customers in Impact Directories. Businesses seeking to grow their customer–base and improve their bottom–line do well to advertise with Impact Directories – it is a results–oriented company.

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  1. Peggy Harris says:

    What does “reverse directory ” mean? How do I use it?

    • quincy says:

      Reverse directory is a method of looking up phone numbers by the actual number instead of the name associated with it.

      It works in numerical order, small to large. First by area code, then by number. E.g. (111) 111-1111, then (111) 111-1112, (111) 111-1113, etc.

  2. Brian says:

    Trying to find out why my business isn’t listed for the 2nd year in a row. No information on the website to submit listing.

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