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When it’s time for a new vehicle, you have a lot to consider. One of the biggest questions asked is-“Should I buy new or used”? While new cars are appealing in the sense that they’re polished, can be customized, and are previously untouched by anyone else’s hands, it still remains the more logical — and less stressful — choice to purchase a used car.

Price– While getting all the bells and whistles on a new vehicle can really cost you, on a used vehicle you are likely to get more features you desire without paying a fortune. You can get a used car with many upgrades for considerably less than you would pay for a base model of a new car. While not only being less expensive at purchase date — the registration and taxes — will also be cheaper. You can also expect your insurance to be cheaper. The more it costs to replace the car in an accident, the more you will be paying for monthly coverage.

Value-  Because of depreciation, generally it makes more sense to buy used and here’s why: On average, a new car loses between 20 and 30 percent of its value the moment it rolls off the dealer’s lot. Some cars can depreciate up to 50 percent in the first three years. Another great value of a used car is the original warranty is, more times than not, transferred to the second owner. Big things like transmission and engine covered by warranty offer you extra protection.

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