New Page for Lebanon Book

2013 Lebanon Cover

2013 Lebanon Cover

You may have noticed that over the weekend there was a welcome change. We updated the online Lebanon directory.

The new online directory is just like our other new sites for Twin Cities, Washington, & Greene County. Easier to use, faster, and just all around more pleasant.

Just go to, type in what you’re looking for, and BAM! There it is. Just like the others. You can also get there from the menu on this site.

Now don’t forget; we are tirelessly working to get all of the other online books updated as quickly as possible. So if your local book isn’t updated yet, just wait a little bit longer, and we’ll get there. Next up is Desoto.

If you have any questions about the new online directories, or any questions at all, just ask in the comments, give us a call, or send an email our way. Our contact information is always at the bottom of the page.

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