Is Your Vehicle Winter Ready?

Whether you are ready or not, winter is on the way. While you are busy unpacking the winter coats, stocking up on rock salt, and pulling out the sled, don’t forget that your vehicle should be just as ready for winter as you are.

Chrysler Group's Winter Driving Survival

A few key points to keep in mind for your winter check up are:

Battery– Your vehicle’s battery loses 33 percent of its power when the temperature dips
below freezing, and over 50 percent of its power when the temperature falls below zero.
Your battery terminals also need to be maintained. Removing corrosion will ensure a strong connection from your battery to your engine. After installing a new battery or replacing terminals, it is advised to lubricate connections. This will create a layer of grease between the conducting surfaces and the surrounding air and moisture, and thus, prevent corrosion.

Wipers– They have been working fine to battle summer storms and keep your windshield clear, but are they winter sustainable? It’s snowing and you turn on your wipers, only to find the blades are frozen to the windshield or broken thanks to snow and ice buildup.  Even when they do work, they often leave a streaky mess behind. Winter wipers are made of a material similar to Teflon, and are better able to flex during cold weather. As a result, drivers have a more clear view of the road as they face the adverse driving conditions common to the winter season.

Tires– If you live where a cold and snowy winter if unavoidable, winter (or snow) tires will make a big difference in your driving experience. Snow tires have tread specifically designed to dig down into snow and ice. You car expert will likely suggest four snow tires for your vehicle. This is not a ploy to increase profits, but valuable advice that will keep your car handling properly. Having only two snow tires will cause your vehicle to under-steer in one condition and over-steer in another. Using four winter tires ensures optimum traction and control for all vehicle types.

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