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If you’re like most people, you find yourself working on your resume when you are in need of new employment. Whether your company has downsized, or you are just looking to make a change in careers, having a quality resume can be the difference between getting a face-to-face interview and getting the cold shoulder from potential employers. With a saturated market of job hunters, and a 5.8 percent unemployment rate, you have to stand out on paper.

Here are a few key tips to perfect your resume:

  • Proofread – Then, proofread again. One of the easiest ways to send your resume to the bottom of the pile is common errors. Grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure can make you appear incapable and sloppy. Most computers offer a spell-check option, so make sure you use it. Also, having someone else read over and proof your resume can help tremendously.
  •  Target your audience – You may only get a quick look over from a employer, so make sure your resume is clear and targets the company in which you are applying. Emphasis on aspects that would be valuable to your new employer and would make you an asset to the company will highlight what you can bring to the table. Wherever possible, try to quantify your performance by using percentages, dollar amounts, before and after differentiations.
  • Use keywords – Keywords are used by employers to search resumes stored online or in computerized databases. The more keywords you have on your resume, the better the chances the computer will pick them up and sort you into the “call back” section. While using keywords can be very beneficial, they can also be the death of your resume. To find keywords to use, look at the job requirements and highlight the key requirements for the position.

Sometimes, outside help can be very insightful. The Resume Doctor has all the tools to take your resume to the top of the list, along with countless other employment assistance.                      Visit them online today at The Resume Doctor or call today  636-579-4870

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