Boxelder Bug-Friend or Foe?




In the late summer into early fall, a bug known as the boxelder is looking for a home for the winter. These little pests are about one-half inch long as an adult, black in color with three red lines behind the head, a red line along each side and a diagonal line on each wing. Boxelders form large congregations alongside structures, usually favoring the sunny side of buildings and homes. They are usually present when a boxelder tree is near. They will seek shelter in the cooler months, hiding in walls, siding, or other hidden cracks. On a warmer winter day, they will often confuse it for springtime, coming out in search of food. While boxelders are surely a nuisance, that is generally all that they are. They cannot bite, or sting humans or pets. They only live for a few days and do not infest food or cause property damage, and they do not breed indoor. Although harmless, they are surely an annoyance and an eyesore when they invade your home.

There are a few things you can do to help with the infestation of boxelder bugs. First, protect your home by repairing broken screens, ensuring doors and windows are well-sealed, and caulking or sealing all cracks, crevices, gaps, and openings in your home. A mixture of soap and water can also be used indoors for boxelders who have taken shelter inside. Just mix in a water bottle and spray directly onto the bugs, then remove with a vacuum. Lastly, a residual insecticide can be sprayed on the exterior walls of the home where the bugs are found. This is most effective in the spring or fall when the boxelder bugs are just beginning to emerge. In severe cases, the only option could be to cut down the boxelder tree or bush that is in close proximity.

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