Fall is Here: Darker Locks to Dye For




No matter where you go, you see fall. The leaves are changing and pumpkin spice is taking over the supermarket. You may pull out your favorite scarf or boots, but have you booked an appointment for your new fall hairstyle?

Going darker in the fall is something women have been doing for years, and with good reason.
Days become shorter and colder, and we spend a lot less time outdoors. Therefore, we lose our
glorious summer glow that made the platinum blonde tresses we rocked next to the pool look
washed out and lackluster. Adding some rich chocolate low lights to over-processed blonde can
refresh and revitalize your look, without a drastic change. For those a little more daring, a
bold and vibrant red may be just what you need to survive Thanksgiving dinner at your in-laws.
No matter which option you chose, darker locks appear richer and healthy, especially right
after your color application.

Now that you’re ready to make the change, talk to one of the talented stylists at Attitudes Salon
in Oxford, MS to explore which new hue will work best for you. They can explain how your skin tone, eye color, and the make-up you currently use can influence which shade will compliment you best. From maintenance-free balayage to an all over color endeavor, they will have you fall ready in no time.
Call to make your appointment.

(662) 234-3033 or visit their website today Attitudes Salon

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