Spam Alert!

Hey everyone.

We just wanted to let you know that someone is sending emails that look like they are from us, but they aren’t. If you get an email from an Impact Directories email address from someone going by the name of “Ms. Zoe Olivia Dowell” from London, please delete it immediately.

The email says:

My name is Ms Zoe Olivia Dowell from London,I would like to have an important discussion with you. It‘s private, for more details.
Please kindly Contact me on my email .
Ms Zoe Olivia Dowell

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us at (314) 336-3090 and ask.

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  1. Salman Ali says:

    I have got contact numbers of Zoe Olivia Dowell. I do not know whether she is the real Zoe Olivia Dowell or not. Her International Passport and photographs were also sent to me via e-mail. Should you need further information, please write to this e-mail address


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